• SafetyNet
      SafetyNet is a suite of web based tools, that helps You manage organisational health and safety more effectively...

    SafetyNet A-skade is in all scenarios faster, more
    user-friendly and more logical
    than what we had..


    Helle Planck Larsen      
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    SafetyNet A-skade is not
    only a reporting system.
    It is also an important
    management system.


    Bjørn Jørgensen       
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    Through SafetyNet A-skade
    we can easily see which
    departments, working times
    and types of employee who
    are most vulnerable...


     Morten Pedersen      
    Risk Manager     
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Welcome to SafetyNet A-skade - the most popular IT tool for handling accidents and accidental events!

If you want to work systematically when administrating cases & preventing industrial accidents, then a well designed IT Tool can provide a strong lead.

There are at least
3 good reasons to use A-Skade!
You will save a lot of time through faster processing and less paper work.
2. You get new statistical options supporting its prevention.
3. You can send cases digitally to the authorities, and can demonstrate all facets.

A-Skade is a part of the HESQ package SafetyNet, which also contains an APV-tool, with the ability to assign dynamic plans for accidents and problems in the work environment.

  SafetyNet is available under the SKI agreement via A Gain.
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